Eat Green Make Green: BeVeg Attorney Advocates Live Market Ban

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BeVeg Attorney Advocates Live Market Ban

BeVeg Attorney Advocates Live Market Ban

It can happen in New York, it can happen in California, it can happen in Chicago. It can happen anywhere there’s a live wet market… it can happen in any factory farm or slaughterhouse.

– Carissa Kranz, Award-Winning Attorney, Founder of BeVeg

BeVeg Vegan Certification‘s CEO Carissa Kranz was interviewed on this week’s episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast. Carissa is an award-winning attorney, former professional ballet dancer, and the founder vegan certification company BeVeg. This week Carissa filed a petition at the state level in New York to ban all live animal wet markets in the state and set a precedent for the rest of the world. The podcast is about Carissa’s career path from professional ballet dancer to super lawyer, why she started BeVeg, the most recent petition she filed to ban the New York wet markets, why wet markets and slaughterhouses pose a continued threat to human health around the globe, why many of our basic civil liberties are being violated due to meat, and the importance of acting now to protect global human and planetary health. This is obviously an extremely important topic. Please share and help educate.

Eat Green Make Green Podcast · Episode 114: Carissa Kranz & Banning Global Wet Markets

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