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Canola Oil Certifies Vegan. This article was originally published on Delicious Food.

The independent, third-party validation confirms that products are Vegan, free from animal ingredients, and cruelty-free 

Healthy Brand Oil Corp has successfully achieved BeVeg Vegan certification for its Canola Oil, through independent third-party audit to confirm that it is Vegan, 100% plant-based, free from animal ingredients and cruelty-free. For years, this Long Island company has distinguished itself from competitors with its focus on providing superior products with the most credible and reputable third-party certifications. 

Canola Oil is the staple application for all kitchen needs. Canola oil is currently the third most consumed oil in the world, and is generally accepted as one of the most nutritious cooking oil options available. Canola oil’s mild, neutral flavor, light texture and high heat tolerance make it a great choice whether you are cooking  or baking, sautéing or stir-frying, or making dressings, sauces, or marinades. While this oil is extremely versatile, it is  also a healthy choice, as it contains the least saturated fat of all cooking oils,is heart-healthy, high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and is low in saturated fat; with no trans fats or cholesterol. With so many uses and benefits, Healthy Brand Oil Classic Canola Oil is an indispensable ingredient for your kitchen, especially now that Healthy Brand Oil also offers Organic, expeller-pressed, Non-GMO Project Verified, and BeVeg Vegan certified canola oils as well.

“With the BeVeg Vegan trademark on [Canola Oil], consumers can rest assured that it is truly Vegan and  has been backed by the credibility and integrity of a third-party organization,” says Roderick Pena

Director of Operations. 

To earn Vegan certification, Healthy Brand Oil had to complete a five-step process, verifying that  its Canola Oil does not contain any animal ingredients, by-products or GMOs used in the manufacturing  and ingredient sourcing of the finished product; it comes from a manufacturing facility that has been  audited to confirm proper controls are in place (including cross-contamination prevention); no animal  testing was conducted; and the product is considered cruelty-free.  

Canola Oil and related marketing materials can now bear the BeVeg trademark logo to show  consumers that it is officially Vegan.  

The BeVeg Vegan certification program is available to manufacturers, brands, and retailers in the areas  of food and beverage; personal care products; textiles and fashion; and dietary supplements. The Vegan  certification is based on the BeVeg Vegan technical standard. BeVeg International holds ISO/IEC 17065  accreditation to offer the BeVeg Certification and is considered a global conformity assessment program  recognized in accordance with ISO 17067.

Canola Oil Certifies Vegan by ISO accredited BeVeg Vegan certification company.

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