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David Mc Gee, Hayfields Consultancy

David Mc Gee

Chief Compliance Officer - Food Safety

David Mc Gee

Chief Compliance Officer – Food Safety (CCO)

David is educated in Food Science & Technology and a registered BRC / GFSI auditor for over 20 years. As a passionate vegan following a plant-based lifestyle for almost two decades, he is also perhaps the only vegan food safety consultant in the U.K.

David is currently director at Hayfields Consultancy Ltd., a consultant firm for vegan, plant-based food safety concerns. David helps grow vegan companies by lending his technical expertise to bring integrity and credibility to vegan claims. Vegan, while not federally regulated and defined comes with a consumer expectation and Dave ensures that expectation is met with confidence and credibility by applying technical expertise and analysis.

Dave’s life work is dedicated to introducing and policing a technical global vegan framework where veganism is treated with industry dignity and respect by manufacturing facilities and retail chains internationally.

Once we get industry standards to a certain standard of vegan claim integrity, we can then develop the ethics to further such Sustainability, to ensure cruelty-free practices are carried out commercially across all industry sectors. Then, BeVeg attorneys, like Carissa, can write vegan legislation to ensure federal regulation of vegan claims to protect the consumer interested.

David believes the unique approach of BeVeg will satisfy global demand and ensure veganism gets the credit it’s due. David and Carissa (BeVeg attorney founder & CEO) created the BeVeg training programs together to ensure veganism is globally scalable as they join forces to define a single united vegan standard that’s irrefutable.

David is proud to be appointed Chief Compliance Officer for BeVeg, and is enthusiastically penning the path forward for technical vegan standards to be uniform in approach and applicable for global certification bodies as a conformity assessment program under ISO 17065 and ISO 17067.

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