Eastern Europe’s Largest Producing Winery Certifies Vegan with BevVeg International

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Eastern Europe’s Largest Producing Winery Certifies Vegan with BevVeg International


Kosovo – 2019 – Stone Castle Vineyards and Winery (“Stone Castle”), the largest producing winery in Eastern Europe, and one of the largest wineries in all of Europe, is vegan certified with BevVeg International, a global law firm for vegan certification. 

This is a significant win for vegans around the world wanting access to vegan verified wines. Stone Castle, with the ability to make 13 million liters of wine, and the capacity to process about 70,000 tons of wine grapes annually, has penetrated regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. Notably, this winery exports products in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Albania, Canada, United Kingdom, China, and Belgium markets.

You may ask how wine is not vegan? The truth is, many wines add ingredients and processes that may incorporate the use of animal parts from ingredients to filtration to bottling, and since there are no formal ingredient and process disclosure requirements, the consumer has no idea what they are drinking. Surprisingly, there can be up to 66 plus ingredients that could be added to your wines that you don’t know about, as current labeling laws do not require these disclosures. 

Some of the gross ingredients that may be used to make your wine or alcoholic beverage include: isinglass (fish bladder), gelatin (cow’s elbows and knees, horse hooves, pigs feet), egg whites, sugar with bone char, castoreum (beaver anal secretion), ambergins (whale vomit), and other additives, which can be disguised in the manufacturing process or in trade secrets under misleading “natural flavoring” and “natural coloring claims.” 

Notwithstanding, after extensive research into their production practices, ingredients and trade secrets, the prestigious Stone Castle officially passed the global BevVeg vegan certification process. BevVeg, as the only law firm in the world to certify vegan, now certifies Stone Castle is vegan and has now accepted the world-class winery into their global vegan certified network.

The next question you may then ask is: does vegan wine compromise the flavor of a fine wine? The answer is NO! Fine wine is based on the quality of the grape, and the less additives that compromise the grape quality, the better the wine. Stone Castle takes great pride in growing the highest quality grapes for premium wines, by handpicking the grapes that meet their quality standards to de-stemming and fermenting, in aging oak barrels. Stone Castle takes too much pride in the quality of their grapes and the process of turning hand-picked grapes into fine wine, to compromise the integrity and quality of the final product, by muddling it with animal products or byproducts.

BevVeg, as a law group, strives to raise the standard for consumer transparency by requiring companies who apply products to disclose trade secrets in confidence in order to gain the right to use the BevVeg vegan symbol with integrity to give the consumer confidence. “It’s about being forthcoming with information,” says CEO, Carissa Kranz. “BevVeg demands honest information and only licenses use of its logo to conscious companies in alignment with the BevVeg! vegan standard, as outlined on www.beveg.com.” BevVeg is the only law firm issued, globally trademarked, vegan logo used by products internationally.

Stone Castle now joins the ranks of many other certified BevVeg vegan products across the globe, appealing to the conscious consumer, not just the vegan consumer. 

“This is not a vegan issue, this is an issue the general public should care about — honest information and proper disclosures, so anyone can consume with confidence and without the added ingredients or byproducts of animals, which aren’t necessary for flavor or quality,” says Kranz. 

Since Stone Castle is a global winery with international reach, these vegan certified wines, dressed with the BevVeg vegan logo, will be seen in worldwide supermarkets and restaurants. 

Stone Castle wines are also now listed in the BevVeg vegan database — a FREE consumer app, called the “Ultimate Alcohol Guide” by Livekindly magazine — available in app stores. For more information about BevVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app with more than 1 million listed beverages, visit: www.beveg.com  

BevVeg vegan certification has been in Forbes, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Magazine, Veg World Magazine, Vegetarisimo, VRG, VegNews, LiveKindly Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisor, among others, and is used and endorsed by celebrity super model, Christie Brinkley.


For more information about BeVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app, visit: www.beveg.com

BeVeg Apple App download:  BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Google App download: BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Press Contact: ​[email protected] | (202) 996-7999.


For more information visit: http://stonecastlewine.com/

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