Globally certify Vegan

ISO Accredited Vegan Trademark | Global leader for Vegan Certification.

Achieving BeVeg
Vegan Certification
Under Accreditation:

Meets Consumer

A Vegan trademark implies “free from animal material” and “cruelty-free” vegan / plant-based claims. Vegan labels require verification. On-site audits required.

Vegan certified logo, vegan trademark

Ensures Legal

BeVeg Vegan symbol proves due diligence. The only vegan logo to adopt food safety and other quality management systems for vegan product label integrity.

Vegan certified logo, vegan trademark

Wins Consumer

World’s leading vegan symbol. Brand loyalty, consumer trust, and sales go hand in hand with vegan label transparency. BeVeg is the Good Housekeeping seal of approval for vegan and plant-based products.

Vegan certified logo, vegan trademark

Expands Global

Access new capital markets and potential clients looking to be certified vegan by gaining and achieving the highest and most robust level of vegan certification on the planet.

Vegan certified logo, vegan trademark


  • Most Reliable Benchmark for Global Vegan Labelling.
  • Good Housekeeping Vegan Symbol for the Plant-Based Consumer.
  • Global Representation in more than 105 countries.
  • Accredited to ISO 17065 and in accordance with ISO 17067.
Vegan certification by BeVeg
Vegan certified logo, vegan trademark

Industry sectors Certified

Food and Beverage

Includes supplements and pharmaceuticals.


Wine, Beer, Liquor. Certified under the Bevveg program of BeVeg.


Includes fabrics, fashion, and furniture.


Makeup. Household cleaning products.

Why BeVeg?

ISO Accreditation

The only Vegan trademark and certification program in the world to be accredited as acknowledged by the world accreditation forum. Accredited to ISO 17065 and recognized in accordance with ISO 17067.

Law Firm Managed

The most robust vegan technical standard in the world. Managed by a law firm. Lawyers drafted and oversee robust a globally uniform audit/testing program that was built up to GFSI standards.

Certify Facilities

No other vegan trademark certifies factory controls, which means only BeVeg has the mechanisms in place to warrant truly vegan claims. BeVeg certifies factories and requires products to be made at a BeVeg recognized facility.  Audits and/or lab analysis are mandatory.

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