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Certification requires that you work with a third-party certifier, or Technical Administrator, to evaluate your products. BeVeg is North America’s & the world’s only third-party certification for Vegan facilities, and products with worldwide acceptance, accreditation and recognition under ISO, making it the most reliable and consistent benchmark for Vegan label claims. Third-party certification is the highest quality system when it comes to product labeling and certifications because it ensures products have been comprehensively evaluated by an independent party for compliance with an accredited standard developed by industry experts and stakeholders. Companies must work with third-party technical administrators to get their products certify vegan with integrity. These technical administrators (i.e. NSF, Food Chain ID, & the Orthodox Union (OU)) are skilled industry professionals and will work with you to help your products achieve verification. Submitting this form means you agree to receive competitive quotes from authorized BeVeg administrators.

Instructions & Process to Get Vegan Certified

Certification requires that you work with a third-party certifier, or Technical Administrator, to evaluate your products and facility. Submission of form means you may get a few competitive quotes from authorized BeVeg certifiers like NSF, Food Chain ID, and the Orthodox Union.

Vegan Certification Cost.
The cost of certification is based on a number of custom factors. We consider the number of products applied for, company revenue, whether you are a brand owner or private label, whether your product is made at a certified BeVeg vegan facility, whether your facility has other safety certifications, whether it is a shared facility or dedicated vegan facility. Likewise, we assess the risk of cross-contamination at the facility, we consider where the manufacturing facility is located, how many manufacturing plants there are, number of employees and many other factors to ensure a unique quote that makes perfect sense for your company or brand.

Time Frame to Get Vegan Certified
The process usually takes 4-6 weeks but may be longer for larger submissions. Similarly, applications can apply for rush processing.

Vegan Certification Criteria
Products approved for BeVeg Vegan Certification must not contain ingredients of animal origin, or be processed, clarified, or finished with any animal products. This includes no animal GMO’s and we require no animal testing of ingredients or finished product.

Vegan Certification Process
Once a custom quote is generated and accepted. We ask for a deposit. Products applied for will then go through the paperwork audit process. We ask for all ingredients, supplier statements, trade secrets, processing aids, and manufacturing facility information. Once the paperwork process is complete, an on-site audit is scheduled and depending on the product lab testing may also be required. After completion of the audit process and satisfaction of all non-conformities, we finalize the certification contracts and paperwork and legal affidavits.

Certified Vegan Approval
Once approved, we require proof of how the BeVeg global vegan trademark will be applied on product packaging before production.

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