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BeVeg Vegan Certification firm wins Certification body of the year.
BeVeg Vegan Certification firm wins Certification body of the year.

ISO Accreditation for Vegan Certification Trademark Under Accreditation

ISO 17065 — Valid vegan certification for the world market, recognized by foreign certification bodies, and accredited by national and international institutions. The BeVeg vegan certification standard has an expressed scope aimed to satisfy the vegan consumer of products and services.

BeVeg Certified Vegan Product: Not of animal origin. No animal cross-contamination. No animal exploitation and without animal suffering. A Vegan product to the expectant consumer means free-from animal material and cruelty-free. Vegan product labels are geared to those looking to make informed purchasing decisions shaped by the sincere desire to refrain from animal consumption and by those who wish to avoid cruelty and suffering to animals at all practical costs. Veganism goes far beyond plant-based food and dietary choices; it spans all industry sectors. All Vegan product claims are plant-based and cruelty-free, but all plant-based claims are not necessarily Vegan and do not imply cruelty-free. Likewise, not all Vegan claims are created equal. A Vegan certified product should mean it is not of animal origin, and that at no stage of the production and processing was there use of or supplementation with any animal ingredients, substrates, processing aides or other substances of animal origin in processed or unprocessed form (including additives, carriers, flavorings, and enzymes). There should be no cross-contamination with animal contaminants at the facility level, even if it was made at a shared facility due to BeVeg required standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensure separation, segregation and a senior level commitment to the Vegan product label claim. There shall be no animal exploitation or testing that would cause animal suffering, on the final product, and as far as practicable in the supply chain. What is practical and reasonable is further defined and updated in the standard to fill the gray area gaps where the legal landscape, answers, and clarity are deficient.

National Accreditation Center

National Accreditation Center LogoNational Accreditation Center Logo

NAC – National Accreditation Center is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. It is independent of Government, and operates under a APAC membership. It’s headquarter Office is Delaware, County of Sussex, USA.

NAC exists to provide national accreditation to confirm that American organisations operate professionally to agreed standards and to ensure the integrity of the technical operations of the accredited bodies. In particular, NAC accreditation underpins the integrity of the national measurement system that supports all forms of accredited activity.

As well as confirming integrity, accreditation provides the basis for the acceptance of products. It provides assurance to the market that NAC accredited services (calibration, testing, certification, inspection etc) are worthy of confidence, need not be duplicated, and should be accepted throughout the market. Such accredited technical services support the quality and competitiveness of US industry.

Click here to download the certificate.

Click here to download the certificate.

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BeVeg deals with ingredient research, facility inspections, technical analysis, and certification of products and services in the field of vegan labeling in order to ensure the production and offer of honest vegan products that are sustainable and ethical. Certifications and inspections are accredited and executed according to specific protocols that refer to mandatory or voluntary standards, developed by BeVeg, vegan lawyers, and other food safety industry experts.

vegan research and development

Research and Standard Development

BeVeg’s commitment to research and development of a global standardized conformity assessment program is reflected with the Conformity Assessment Program accreditation under ISO 17067. BeVeg has close relationships with private interested vegan individuals, industry professionals, local authorities, professional and trade associations, universities and international research centers in order to develop a comprehensive and reliable vegan standard drafted in accordance with sustainability and social responsibility criteria.

vegan product certification

Food and Non-Food

The BeVeg vegan certification standard spans across multiple sectors, covering food and non-food areas that are vegan in scope.

vegan product verification

Verification, Quality and Reliability

The experience, commitment and transparency with which BeVeg carries out its activities ensures that the BeVeg brand is the benchmark used to synonymously indicate inspection, quality, and reliability as the world’s leading vegan certification firm.

Confidentiality Statement for Vegan Certification

BeVeg International observes the strictest levels of confidentiality throughout the vegan certification process. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of our certified companies and respect the proprietary nature of manufacturers’ confidential information and trade secrets.

BeVeg International requires disclosure of some proprietary information because the vegan certification process insists that we are aware of all the ingredients, all the equipment, and all of the processes, used in the plant that we certify as vegan.

BeVeg will protect your confidential processes and procedures regarding products produced at your factory with BeVeg. BeVeg’s reputation for integrity and the willingness of global companies to allow us access to this information is a testament we will not violate your trust. Please be assured that all of the information you provide us will be held in the strictest of confidence. In fact, our promise of confidentiality is clearly stated in all of our certification agreements. Furthermore, as a Certification Body that is law firm owned, you also gain the benefit of confidence through the protection of attorney-client privilege.

BeVeg International’s Impartiality Statement

As leaders in our industry for vegan certification, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional integrity. The BeVeg Code of Integrity defines the main principles of professional integrity for the BeVeg brand and is an expression of the values that are shared throughout our organization, our businesses and our affiliates.

We are committed to impartiality and integrity for vegan truth in labeling laws. We are dedicated to a culture where issues of integrity and professional ethics can be raised and discussed openly. Guidance and support is available to help employees and other stakeholders acting on behalf of, or representing, our organization to understand the Code and to help them make the right decision when faced with an ethical dilemma.

BeVeg has in place an impartiality committee and system for reporting grievances as it is our utmost priority to keep our vegan compliance program, as accredited under international ISO standards, to the highest standards of integrity are professionalism as applied to all our global vegan certifications, in accordance with international best practice.

All BeVeg staff must complete training each year to ensure compliance with the utmost of industry standards, impartiality mechanisms are in place, and proper risk assessment measures in place.

The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for implementing procedures governing the ethical behavior of our employees, auditors, and consultants, and for conducting investigations on alleged staff misconduct. The CCO also sets the standards of integrity expected of our business partners. Reports on suspected violations of the Code can be submitted, or advice obtained, by calling by filing a written report online or sending it by fax or mail.

The Impartiality Committee and Compliance Committee has ultimate oversight over compliance matters regarding BeVeg business ethics. It also approves policies regarding anti-bribery and corruption and the use of certain suppliers that are deemed as presenting a high level of risk of bias compromising the vegan integrity and validity of vegan certified claims.

Committee members are identified on our website under “Our Team”. The CCO reports to the committees on all compliance related matters. The CEO is in attendance of all meetings of the committees, and other executives or staff may be required and will be called to attendance when necessary.

BeVeg international’s Anti-Discrimination Policy

BeVeg has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination. Vegan is a compassionate all inclusive social justice movement and that message of equality, justice and respect carries over into our business culture. As a fundamental business practice, we ensure we treat people fairly.


Respecting human rights by provide a working environment founded on dignity, equal opportunities and mutual respect for all. Diversity in the workplace adds insight to business. BeVeg achieves international excellence with its globally diverse workforce, thus ensuring all aspects of the employment lifecycle within BeVeg are based on the principle of creating equal opportunities, regardless of race, gender, religious or political views, union membership, nationality, sexual orientation, social origin, age, or disabilities.

At BeVeg we respect all Human Rights and have a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. Physical abuse, intimidation and any form of harassment are strictly prohibited.

BeVeg complies with International labour laws, including those relating to wages and benefits, working hours and legal requirements for employment contracts and will never exploit child labor. We do not and will not employ children under the age of completion of compulsory schooling or, in any case, under 16 years old. Children between 16 to 18 years old shall not perform work, which is likely to harm their health, safety or morale.

Being respectful is an individual responsibility for all of us, at every level within our organisation. Respect and cultural expectations are set at the top and BeVeg’s top management demands respect for all beings.

These commitments apply to all BeVeg employees and contractors. Management is responsible for ensuring full compliance with BeVeg policies.

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