Jane Unchained: Certified Vegan Wines Hit the Green Carpet – New Day New Chef Launch Party

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Certified Vegan Wines Hit the Green Carpet

New Day New Chef Launch Party

Globally Certified Vegan by BeVeg

Carissa Kranz with Jane Velez Mitchell at New Day New Chef Hollywood Launch Party

New Day New Chef, co-host Carissa Kranz (on the left), and Jane Velez-Mitchell (on the right) hit the green carpet with BeVeg certified vegan wines, and a very popular raw vegan gin. The Hollywood launch party for the new vegan cooking show was filled with gourmet vegan foods and fine vegan certified wines, beers and liquors to pair.

The fabulous BeVeg Certified vegan companies that donated to the New Day New Chef launch party.

“Being vegan is not a sacrifice,” says attorney Kranz, the founder of BeVeg vegan certification firm, and a vegan from birth. “There are delicious food and wine pairing options that are plant-based. Just watch our show and you’ll see for yourself!” Or, just watch her dance circles around a courtroom as an awarded “Super Lawyer,” TV legal eagle, and prima ballerina. Both are evidence that being vegan and eating plant-based are not a sacrifice.

BeVeg Certified Vegan Wines

Celebrity Super Model, Christie Brinkley, had her BeVeg vegan certified private label Bellissima Prosecco BevVeg as a beautiful cameo on set during Season 1. For season 2, BeVeg donated additional vegan certified alcohol brands for the attending vegan celebrities and influencers. Featured BeVeg vegan certified brands that took the “green” carpet for the private Hollywood launch party include: O.R.E 118 Raw Vegan Gin (served at Nobu restaurants around the world), and award winning Broadland Wineries (Now Broadland Drinks), Chateau Elan winery, Lingua Franca vineyard, and Priam Vineyards.

New Day New Chef – Vegan Cooking Show

If you want to enjoy a BeVeg vegan certified bottle of wine while cooking or eating a delicious plant-based meal, watch the new vegan cooking show on Amazon Prime now, and expect to tune into more episodes on public television stations around the country starting this spring. Every season, new celebrity chefs showcase their vegan recipes. If you wish to see Carissa and Jane discuss the BeVeg International vegan certification program as Chef Babette from Stuff I Eat whips up a pizza, tune into season 1, episode 3.

Carissa Kranz & Jane Unchained co-host New Day New Chef Season 1

Other Celebrity sightings at the party and on different episodes include Katie Cleary, Katie Sarife, John Salley, Lori Allen, Dotsie Bausch, Ally Iseman, Simone Reyes, Audrey Dunham, Otep Shamaya and more.

BeVeg sponsored all the certified vegan alcohol for the private launch party.

Now, you may ask, isn’t all wine vegan?

No. About 50% of the time it is not vegan. Many alcoholic beverages are filtered through animal parts like isinglass (fish bladder), egg whites, gelatin (bones of animals), and the like, which leaves trace amounts of animal in the final product. Likewise, there are about 62 ingredients that can be included in alcohol per the Tobacco and Trade Bureau, and none of these ingredients and processes are listed on the bottle. BeVeg vegan certified products provide a level of consumer transparency not currently required by existing labeling laws.

Vegan Certification Label

That is why BeVeg exists: to create a global vegan certified standard and to end the guessing game. BeVeg vegan symbols are represented on every continent except Antarctica. The special wine glass BevVeg vegan trademark exists to help the consumer drink with confidence. “While what goes into your beverage is trade secret, whether it is vegan or not should not be a secret,” says attorney Kranz.

Cheers to that, counselor!

Get the free BeVeg vegan alcohol guide on Apple App Store or Google Play. Or visit www.beveg.com for more information.

Do you have a vegan food, vegan wine, vegan cosmetic or vegan fashion product? Globally Certify your product as “officially vegan” through BeVeg by clicking here. 100% of your certification fee will go to Jane Unchained News Network, a 501c3 nonprofit for animals and the vegan lifestyle.

BeVeg Vegan Certification 2020

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