Priam Vineyards, founded in 1998 in Colchester, CT has championed a lot of firsts. Priam was the first winery in New England to be completely solar powered in 2010. Priam is the first vegan certified winery in Connecticut. Priam has launched one of the first certified vegan champagne / sparkling wines in the world —  Le Petit Rose — for vegans ready to pop that celebratory champagne!

Le Petit Rose sparkling vegan wine was crafted from hand harvested and selected Marquette, Riesling and gewurztraminer  grapes, fermented and left “Sur Lie” for 7 months, a process that as the yeast cells start to break down during the process of autolysis, they release tiny amounts of sugars and amino acids. The presence of these compounds is sensed on our tongues and palates as a textural weightiness or increased body in the wine. The vegan wine has a Blush Pink color with crème brule and Ripe Raspberries on the nose. The pallet  has fine bubbles, round full mousse character with nuance of cashews and strawberries.

“White and sparkling wines aged on the lees are often described as creamier, richer, fuller-bodied, or with greater depth and complexity of flavor,” says Ruaan Viljoen, winemaker for Priam Vineyards.

Le Petit Rose sparkling vegan wine was Judged by world class Sommeliers, Wine Masters and industry leaders at one of the oldest international wine competitions — International East meets West. Le Petit Rose blew competitors out of their glasses proudly scoring a gold medal and 91 points.

“Vegan wine tastes better! You see, the quality of the wine is judged on the quality of the grape. Therefore, the less additives you add to the wine, the less you compete with and detract from the grape,” says Viljoen, the expert winemaker.

The 40 acre sustainable farm boasts ten varieties of grapes in production and is fully vegan certified by the ISO compliant BeVeg International vegan certification firm. Priam Vineyards bottles and corks proudly sport the BevVeg alcohol vegan trademark symbol.

The BevVeg certified vegan wine and can be found online or at Priam Vineyards Tasting room.

Ruaan Viljoen in The Laws THAT Matter with BeVeg CEO Carissa Kranz