Sygmacert Certification body, enrolls in the accredited BeVeg vegan program.

Sygma, S.L. Certification is a company located in Spain that acts as a product certification entity, accredited according to the UNE EN ISO 17065 standard for the certification of products in the agri-food sector. It also has a commercial office in Morocco under the corporate name Sygma Certification Maroc SARL.

Sygma Certification, was born in the 2000 through a collaboration agreement with a Swiss certification body for the certification of systems and products in Spain. Since 2008 Sygma Certification, S.L. operates autonomously as an entity accredited by ENAC in product certification according to the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17065 standard

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Sygma Certification is now authorized by BeVeg to certify the BeVeg brand globally. The Beveg vegan certification scheme is born from the need to define a global vegan standard that ensures and gives the consumer the confidence necessary to buy and consume this product without worries.

BeVeg is the only vegan scheme developed by attorneys, and the first vegan product brand to be certified under ISO 17065 accreditation, making it an internationally certified vegan program and a global conformity assessment program.

The certification scheme offers security to the consumer.

Labeling laws regarding vegan claims were undefined and legally insufficient, leading to misleading advertising.

Brands can claim their product was vegan, but upon inspection, one realizes that it may contain ingredients of animal origin or be subject to cross-contamination.

For this reason, the BeVeg certification gives the consumer the confidence necessary to consume this product without worries, since the BeVeg logo guarantees vegan quality, considering all the ingredients and processes until reaching the final product.

More than half of purchases are based on the label, so vegan consumers, when looking at the label, do not have to read the fine print to find a safe vegan product that meets vegan standards. Sales in this market are increasing, so offering authenticity, truth, transparency and information to the consumer, in turn, translates into higher sales.

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