Live Kindly: The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Alcohol

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LIVEKINDLY: The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Alcohol

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At present, alcohol is commonly exempt from other food labeling law, meaning a glance at your pinot grigio’s label may tell you about the wine’s subtle hints of cottage marmalade, but it won’t tell you if it contains traces of gelatin.

American law firm BeVeg has been working to get fish bladders out of our wine since 2017. The Florida firm was founded by former prosecutor and litigator Carissa Kranz with the primary goal of making food and drink companies vegan-friendly.

BeVeg has taken exception to this oversight, and the firm is dedicated to regulating the sourcing and labeling of products to make it easier for customers to find vegan products. BeVeg offers its own official stamp of approval in the form of the BevVeg certification seal. As BeVeg proudly states on its website’s homepage: “We certify vegan.”

As Carissa explained to LIVEKINDLY, “If you see our BevVeg certification seal, you can trust BeVeg worked with those brands in the spirit of full transparency and disclosures.”

While BeVeg is making great advances in making alcohol labeling fully transparent, this mammoth task is a work in progress. In the meantime, a little research is required to ensure your tipple is cruelty-free. Many supermarkets, such as the Co-Op, now have dedicated vegan alcohol sections on their websites, or for a really comprehensive list of all vegan intoxicants, the Barnivore website provides an invaluable guide.

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