Mama Biscuit’s Launches New Gourmet Biscuit Certified BeVeg Vegan

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Mama Biscuit’s Launches a New Gourmet Biscuit Certified Vegan

BeVeg International standardizes BE Veg claims worldwide with their vegan seal.  The only vegan symbol backed by a global law firm.

Frederick, MD (Aug. 19th, 2019) – Hand-crafted in Maryland, Mama Biscuit’s is America’s first gourmet biscuit company and now has a staple product for the vegan community, after gaining global vegan certification by BeVeg International for one of their Signature Buttermilk Biscuits, now in vegan form. Mama’s Biscuits joins many other delicious vegan certified brands across the globe who are now appealing to the vegan consumer, however, they stand out as the only vegan certified biscuit on the market, and BeVeg International could not be prouder to stand behind this delicious biscuit. 

After an extensive review of its production practices and ingredients, Mama Biscuits passed the rigorous BeVeg vegan certification process for this newly delicious vegan alternative. Currently, Mama Biscuits are sold at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, Whole Foods, Amazon, QVC, among other distinguished locations.  

According to Carissa Kranz, founder and CEO of BeVeg International, the company’s certification seal is “a stamp of approval” that tells vegans and others who care about sustainability and social responsibility that any product that carries its trademark meets the strictest standards of vegan compliance. BeVeg International is proud to welcome Mama Biscuits on board for their new vegan biscuit option.

Lesley Riley, founder of Mama Biscuits is a believer of quality over quantity. “My concept and core mission is built off a simple back-to-basics method of quality over quantity.” – Founder, Lesley Riley. She has truly taken the homemade approach with her production methods and with her amazing team ensures quality and love go into every batch. 

Around the world, conscious companies are starting to embrace these higher standards of production and seek this independent verification from BeVeg International, a law firm for global vegan certification. BeVeg International certified one of Mama Biscuits Gourmet Biscuits as vegan-friendly after careful review of the product’s ingredients and production practices. 

About Mama Biscuits 

Founded in 2015, Mama Biscuits has taken the culinary world by storm with gourmet biscuits. Who knew a biscuit could be considered gourmet? Founder, Lesley Riley, single-handedly redefined what a biscuit is.  She not only changed the thought of what was once only considered with savory dishes, but she took those ingredients and elevated them to cater to and new world of conscious consumers. She uses only the finest, freshest, ingredients. The most amazing part about these biscuits is that they are not only delicious, but they contain No Trans Fat, No Preservatives, No Artificial flavors, colors or dyes. In addition to their newly certified vegan Signature Biscuit, Mama Biscuits takes great pride in their ability to elevate the classic southern style biscuit by offering over 32 rotating seasonal flavor combinations. Specializing in an ability to make these available to a wide range of dietary restrictions and lifestyles, making them not only tasty but gluten-free, keto and now vegan-friendly. 

For more information about Mama Biscuits please visit:

About BeVeg International and the Good Housekeeping Vegan Seal of Approval

BeVeg is the only law firm in the world that specializes in vegan certification, regulation, and advocacy. The firm exists to raise the standard for consumer transparency by requiring companies who apply to disclose all ingredients and processes to packaging. Kranz states, “it’s about being forthcoming with information.” BeVeg demands honest information and only licenses use of its logo to conscious companies in alignment with the BeVeg vegan standard. 

BeVeg is the gold standard for vegan certification as featured or mentioned in Forbes, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Hamptons Magazine, Veg World Magazine, Vegetarisimo Magazine, VRG, LiveKindly Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisor, VegFests, at Seed Food & Wine Summit, among others, and used and endorsed by celebrity super model, Christie Brinkley.

BeVeg attorneys possess a commitment to strict vegan standards. No other vegan certification symbol is managed by a law firm. Dedicated attorneys research and draft custom applications and require rigorous disclosures and representations by prospective licensees to ensure that the BeVeg Vegan Standard maintains its integrity. BeVeg is the standard of compliance and use of the vegan logo is considered the premier stamp of approval for those looking for the greenest plant-based options.  For more information about BeVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app, visit

For more information about BeVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app, visit:

BeVeg Press Contact:[email protected] | (202) 996-7999.

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