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Thousands Certified Vegan on Six Continent

Why to get certified with us?

The Leader in Vegan Certification

Customers always look to certifications and labels as their basis whether to buy a product. Trustworthy certifications and labeling build consumer confidence, which translates into increased sales.

Protecting the consumer. This is a primary goal of the BeVeg Vegan Certification program — the leader in vegan certification. The BeVeg vegan certification mark stands for the independent verification of vegan quality assurance and integrity. Products that carry the BeVeg vegan trademark represent unmatched reliability for meeting the strictest of vegan standards.

BeVeg offers vegan certification to private label companies to retail grocery chains globally, such as Krogers, Trader Joe’s, Aldis, Albertsons, Safeway, Loblaw, B.J.’s Wholesale, Costco, Whole Foods, 7-Eleven, Sam’s Club, Fairway, and more.


Certified Vegan Co-Packer

The BeVeg vegan certification firm is here to help you build consumer trust, win consumer confidence, ensure brand loyalty. BeVeg is a third-party vegan certification program and we set the highest standards in vegan quality control and assurance when it comes to vegan plant-based certification.

Certified Vegan Co-Packer

Private label products are products that are produced by a certified vegan factory or company, but the certified vegan contents are repackaged and labeled with the Private Label customer’s brand name. If the customer wishes to also have the BeVeg certified vegan trademark printed on their Private Label product, a private label agreement must be executed between the private labeller and BeVeg. This protects the certified vegan manufacturer from having to disclose their trade secrets, provides the Private Label the benefit of trusted vegan marketing, and BeVeg as an organization. Once this is completed, BeVeg vegan certified certificates will be issued in the name of the private label customer for a nominal annual fee.

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