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Carissa Kranz featured in Metropolitan Magazine

Carissa Kranz – Living Life en Pointe

By W A. Muller

Carissa Kranz featured in Metropolitan Magazine

Carissa Kranz, a ballerina-turned-legal eagle, TV host, CEO, law firm owner, entrepreneur, vegan influencer, caregiver. Alzheimer’s advocate, non-profit founder, author and humanitarian, is an impressive renaissance woman who gracefully dedicates her life to being a voice for those in need.

Carissa, is he founding attorney and CEO of BeVeg International, a global law firm for vegan certification, which introduced the credible BeVeg vegan certification logo, much like the kosher organic marks we know, but for vegan claims. Since the law doesn’t not define or regulate vegan, BeVeg, as law firm, defined a vegan standard to regulate and standardize vegan certification claims, worldwide. The BeVeg vegan certification mark is now represented in more than 70 countries, and is considered the “gold standard”, “must-have,” “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for vegans around the globe.

Carissa, a lifelong vegan and animal lover herself, believes empathy and compassion matter most.

Consistent with Carissa’s caring heart and compassion for justice, the ballet dancer-turned-lawyer rescued her destitute, elderly, ballet mentor with Alzheimer’s disease from a 1.5 star nursing facility, where she was warehoused in a wardroom with 5 beds, no family, and no advocate. When Carissa learned her teacher, Joan Miller, of the Palm Beach Ballet Center, lost her ballet school, home foreclosure, animals to animal control, and dignity, Carissa stepped up in ways few would. She invited her ballet teacher into her home, and became her caregiver and legal guardian. Why? “She paid it forward by giving free ballet my whole life. She is family to me. She made me one of her star ballet dancers, and I let her down by becoming a lawyer. I could’ let her down again.” Miss Joan is into her six year of living with Carissa. While Miss Joan is advanced Alzheimer’s now, Carissa, is still dancing in circles to keep her safe at home, performing for her teacher, in ways neither would have ever dreamed.

Carissa started a non-profit: the NOW Movement Foundation. Carissa and Miss Joan both wear silicone movement bands that look like a watch but just say – “NOW.” The cause band proceeds go towards her continued care and Alzheimer’s. “Even though she is “losing her mind”, she’s still a teacher. She teaches daily about mindfulness, as Alzheimer’s patients only live in the NOW”

Carissa, running a law firm with global reach, she is most inspired when practicing Universal Laws –The Laws that Matter, her book in the works on Spiritual Laws.

We live in a law-based universe, and we all have the right and ability to practice law. Our existence is our birthright.

The book teaches legal procedure as a tool so we all live our best, most divinely inspired lives.

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