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Steve Cook

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Steven Cook is Advisory CFO at BeVeg. Mr. Cook has experience in corporate finance as an investment banker, as the chief financial officer of a large public company, and as a practicing CPA.

With BeVeg, Mr. Cook is actively involved in identifying/assessing financial opportunities, financial due diligence, structuring/closing transaction and managing investments and relationships. Mr. Cook also manages internal financial administration for the firm.

Mr. Cook served as chief financial officer of American Capital Corporation and Transcapital Financial Corporation and had various board and management positions with the Companies’ subsidiaries during 1984 – 1992. Mr. Cook’s experience includes the following:

  • Managed an acquisition program that successfully grew a company from $40 million to $6 billion (total assets) over 5 years.
  • Managed or was integrally involved in all aspects of acquisitions, including strategy formulation, screening/identification, negotiations financing, regulatory approval and subsequent integration.
  • Managed corporate fund raising efforts resulting in securing approximately $200 million in equity and capital debt from public and private markets and additional amounts from secured borrowings. Was involved in consolidated funds management (total cash flows peaked in excess of $5 billion annually). Prepared and delivered securities “road show” presentations to institutional investors.
  • Directed financial reporting, corporate administration and treasury for two public companies. Initiated computer readable disclosures to investors and public users prior to the implementation of Edgar.
  • Possesses extensive background in corporate operations, including board and management roles. This experience includes general strategy, investment strategy and execution, decision-making processes, systems reform, branch positioning, risk management, inter-company coordination, buy-sell-hold decisions, regulatory compliance and others. Researched and co-developed market valuation under alternative rate environments as a risk management tool.
  • From 1977 to 1992, Mr. Cook was a certified public accountant with the firm Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young). Mr. Cook graduated (with honors) from Furman University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration. He has since participated in continuing education programs covering technical matters, specialized industries, and management. Mr. Cook has served several community and professional organizations, including the Advisory Council of Furman University, Leadership Miami and the American Institute of CPAs.

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