San Diego Vineyards Gains Global Vegan Certification.

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San Diego Vineyards Gains Global Vegan Certification



BevVeg The only vegan symbol issued by a global law firm

 San Diego, California (2019) – Vista’s very own Brooking Vineyards, has joined the prestigious ranks of wineries across the globe who aim to provide consumers transparency by using an environmentally and animal friendly plant-based approach in its wine making process. BevVeg International officially certifies Brookings Vineyard vegan for 2020.

Oftentimes, wines are fined and clarified by filtering through animal parts (like fish bladder, gelatin: cow’s elbows and knees, horse hooves, pig’s feet, egg whites, fish skeletons, etc.) or have ingredients that use animal byproducts, like sugar made with bone char. Since alcohol has no required ingredient and process disclosures, the consumer rarely knows what they are consuming.

All that being said, after an extensive review of its production practices and ingredients from soil to bottle, Brooking Vineyards passed the rigorous BevVeg vegan certification process for 2014 Estate Tempranillo, 2016 Estate Tempranillo, 2016 Tempranillo, NV Malbec, 2014 Estate Tempranillo Angelica, 2015 Estate Tempranillo Angelica, 2016 Estate Tempranillo Angelica, 2014 Estate Muscat Canelli Angelica, 2016 Estate Muscat Canelli Angelica and 2014 Estate Muscat Canelli Toasted Angelica.

For Eric Brooking it’s an easy choice, “It’s a business but more importantly it’s my hobby and I wish to leave my kids something they can be proud of when I pass.” He says. “All these wines are made from grapes grown here on our land using no fertilizers. We add no acids, no sugar, no pH modifiers, no enzymes or any other chemicals to our wine.” Vegan wine is the most purest wine because it means less is added to compromise the integrity of the grapes, which he grows himself. 

Founder and CEO of BevVeg International, Carissa Kranz, says the BevVeg vegan certification seal is “a stamp of approval” that tells vegans and others who care about sustainability and social responsibility that a label that carries its trademark meets the highest standards of vegan compliance, and is the only specialized vegan beverage symbol in the world for vegan wine, vegan beer, and vegan liquor. 

Around the world, environmentally-conscious beverage companies are starting to embrace these higher standards of production. BevVeg International certified Brooking Vineyards production practices a Vegan Friendly after reviewing the entire vineyard’s winemaking process from its solar-powered winery, the grape sorting process (a family and friend fun fest) as well as the aging, bottling and packaging methods.

About Brooking Vineyards.

Born out of love of wine and history, Brooking Vineyards is located in California’s first wine region, San Diego County. They are the first Estate Winery in Vista since 1920 when Prohibition put San Diego County’s most successful winery out of business. Brooking Vineyards is proud to create fine Fortified-Style wines in the heart of San Diego County. With the perfect climate for British style winemaking, which San Diego County was famous for before Prohibition, Eric Brooking is passionate about keeping its tradition alive. They’re mission is to create high quality wine and provide a great vineyard tour experience. 

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About BevVeg International

BevVeg is the only law firm in the world that specializes in global vegan certification, regulation, and advocacy. The firm exists to raise the standard for consumer transparency by requiring companies who apply to disclose all ingredients and processes to packaging to attorneys to keep their vegan claims honest and accountable. Those that pass gain the right to use the internationally trademarked vegan symbol, now represented in more than 70 countries. Kranz states, “it’s about being forthcoming with information.” BevVeg demands honest information.  Attorneys license use of the BevVeg vegan logo to conscious companies in alignment with the BevVeg vegan standard as outlined on

The BevVeg vegan symbol continues to create buzz as noted in Forbes, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Hamptons Magazine, Veg World Magazine, VegNews, Vegetarisimo Magazine, VRG, LiveKindly Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisor, Yahoo Finance, among others, and used and endorsed by celebrity supermodel, Christie Brinkley.

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