Sea-Water Recovery Drink Gains Global Vegan Certification with BevVeg

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Sea-Water Recovery Drink Gains Global Vegan Certification with BeVeg

The only vegan symbol issued by a law firm

Spain (October, 2019) – Refix (“Refix”), an innovative beverage company has another unique claim — Vegan certified by BeVeg International.

Refix, offers innovative recovery drinks, with their unique formula of sea water, lemon magnesium, and other natural vegan verified ingredients making it a very health conscious choice. This high quality product, touted as one of the more natural drinks on the market, also has high ideals and morals, both of which are memorialized by the new BeVeg vegan badge. Now Refix has decided to join the fast growing global network of vegan certified by BeVeg products and beverages. Refix is for those who care about fixing themselves and the planet as the beverage product ingredients are of the highest quality, and trade secret ingredients and processes were fully disclosed to BeVeg, to ensuring they also met the highest standard for vegan for claims.

BeVeg is the only law firm in the world that specializes in global vegan certification, regulation, and advocacy. The firm exists to raise the standard for consumer transparency by requiring companies who apply to disclose all ingredients and processes to packaging. Those that pass gain the right to use the internationally trademarked vegan symbol, now represented in more than 70 countries. Kranz states, “it’s about being forthcoming with information.” BeVeg demands honest information. Attorneys license use of the BeVeg vegan logo to conscious companies in alignment with the BeVeg vegan standard as outlined on

Refix products can be found at their website and are now listed in the BeVeg vegan database; a FREE consumer app, with more than 1 million listed beverages, often called the “Ultimate Alcohol Guide”.

The BeVeg vegan symbol is featured in Forbes, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Hamptons Magazine, Veg World Magazine, VegNews, Vegetarisimo Magazine, VRG, LiveKindly Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisor, Yahoo Finance, among others, and used and endorsed by celebrity supermodel, Christie Brinkley.

For more information about BeVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app, visit:

BeVeg Apple App download:  BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Google App download: BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Press Contact: ​[email protected] | (202) 996-7999.

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