South African Winery Gains Vegan Certification with BeVeg

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South African Winery Gains Vegan Certification with BevVeg


The only vegan symbol issued by a global law firm

South Africa, October 2019, Creation Wines, straight out of South Africa, joins the global list of vegan certified beverages with BevVeg, a global law firm founded specifically for vegan certification.

Creation Wines really execute on the concept of creating wines of distinction, as the founders, JC and Carolyn, truly acknowledge the role Mother Nature plays in winemaking, and that is why Creation Wines is now a member of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI), which is committed to conserve the natural heritage by implementing sustainability programs. Creation Wines also complies with Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) with the “green seal”, and is one of the nine wineries in South Africa to have received the EnviroWines accreditation. Consistent with sustainability and environmental awareness, Creation Wines now has another award of distinction to boast about– vegan certification by BevVeg. Vegan practices are all about sustainability and the environment.

BeVeg is the only law firm in the world for vegan certification. BevVeg certifies products and companies who adhere to conscious, responsible, and transparent business practices. “We give a stamp of approval to companies that are acting responsibly towards mother nature, and who understand the importance of disclosing truthful information. We also consult companies who need help transitioning their products to have a valid vegan claim to apply for the official BevVeg vegan certification later,” says Carissa Kranz, Esq., Founder and CEO of BevVeg International.

Creation Wines are now listed in the BevVeg vegan database; a FREE consumer app, with more than 1 million listed alcoholic beverages, recently called the “Ultimate Alcohol Guide” by Livekindly Magazine. The BevVeg vegan symbol continues to create buzz as noted in Forbes, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Hamptons Magazine, Veg World Magazine, VegNews, Vegetarisimo Magazine, VRG, LiveKindly Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisor, Yahoo Finance, among others, and used and endorsed by celebrity supermodel, Christie Brinkley.

These distinctly creative and delicious vegan wines can be found in South Africa, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA, and also tasted in their tasting room which is located in South Africa. When in the tasting room be sure to see the BevVeg Certified window decal on the door, and keep a lookout for the vegan symbol on bottle labels.

For more information about BeVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app, visit:

BeVeg Apple App download:  BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Google App download: BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Press Contact: ​[email protected] | (202) 996-7999.

For more information on Creation Wines please visit, or contact:

PH: +27 (0)28 212 1107 FAX: +27 (0)28 212 1127 EMAIL: [email protected] OR [email protected]

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