Swiss Wines of Agriloro Gains Global Vegan Certification with BeVeg

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Swiss Wines of Agriloro Gains Global Vegan Certification with BeVeg

05/17/2020 (Genestrerio, Switzerland)

Agriloro, located in Switzerland is noted as one of the oldest and most important vineyards in Mendrisiotto according to 18th century documents, now has another notable claim: certified vegan. After an extensive review process of products, ingredients, and processes Agriloro officially joins the global BeVeg vegan certification network, along with many other wineries across the globe. 

You may ask how is a wine not vegan? The truth is, many alcoholic beverages often contain animal products or byproducts either in the ingredients or process of making the wine. Some murky ingredients you may come across include isinglass (fish bladder), egg whites, gelatin, bones of fish, bone char, and more. In fact, the Tobacco and Trade Bureau once said there can be more than 60 ingredients that go into your alcoholic beverage. Notably, none of which is disclosed on the bottle. BeVeg vegan certification lends transparency and trust so the consumer can drink with confidence. BeVeg continues to be mentioned as the GOLD STANDARD for vegan certification in well-known news outlets like Forbes, PETA, CBS, NBC, Social Life Magazine, LiveKindly, VegWorld, VegNews, to name a few. In addition, BeVeg is used by celebrity supermodel, Christie Brinkley, and vegan icon from What The Health documentary, Kip Anderson, and is on the packaging of many iconic leading wineries of the world.

At Agriloro, there is a passion for experimentation and innovation. According to the winery, they try to use natural and respectful methods as much as possible to ensure sustainability and compassion towards the planet. This is important since own the largest number of hectareas in this zone. Now, this vegan certified winery makes 28 wines of different varieties, many of which have received multiple awards, including “2010 Winemaker of the year.” Agriloro wines are also the only wines that make a gewürztraminer in Ticino or wines in terracotta amphorae. Now 18 of their wines can be found on the free BevVeg app. Currently, the BevVeg vegan wine app has more than 1 million beverages listed. The most recent app update allows the consumer to give information, it allows companies to claim their profile to give us information, and it gives the consumer control to ask for information to help BeVeg build the most comprehensive database for vegan alcohol.

Sottobosco – Rosso del Ticino DOC; Merlot Riserva la Prella; Merlot Riserva dell’ Ör; Casimiro – Svizzera Italiana IGT; Syrah – Tenimento dell’ Ör – DOC;  Pinot Nero – Tenimento dell’ Ör – DOC; Oro Rosso – Rosso del Ticino DOC; Rosso del Ticino – DOC; Genestrerio – Tenimento la Prella – DOC;  Alinda – Merlot Ticino DOC; Prioria della Torre – Rosso del Ticino DOC; Cleos – Merlot Ticino DOC; Chardonnay Archeos – Ticino DOC; Pinot Bianco – Tenimento dell’ Ör; Granito – Bianco del Ticino DOC: Gewürztraminer – Svizzera Italiana IGT; Viognier – Tenimento del’ Ör – DOC; Oro Bianco – Bianco del Ticino DOC are the wines that have gained the Bevveg Certification.  


To see these newly certified vegan beverages and others, get the free consumer app available for download at

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