Top 100 Winery in the World Gains Global Vegan Recognition with BevVeg

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Top 100 Winery in the World Gains Global Vegan Recognition with BevVeg

Salem, OR (Sept. 2019) — Lingua Franca Winery, named Top 100 Winery in the World, with wines listed as Top 100 Wines in the world by Wine Spectator and Wine & Spirits magazine, gains more global recognition — a certified vegan Pinot Noir, by BevVeg International, a global law firm for vegan certification.

The Only Vegan Symbol Issued by a Law Firm

Lingua Franca’s 2015 Avni Pinot Noir joins the global network of certified BevVeg vegan wines that have earned the right to use the specialized BevVeg vegan certified wine glass logo, trademarked and represented in more than 70 countries.

Why You Should Look for Vegan Wines

Alcoholic beverages are often fined, filtered and clarified with the use of animal parts (like isinglass, which is fish bladder, or gelatin, which is cow’s elbows and knees, horse hooves, pigs feet, egg whites, or crustacean shells, which is the skeletons of fish, to name a few) or have ingredients that use animal byproducts, like sugar made with bone char, and disguised as natural charcoal, or natural colorings and natural flavorings that protect animal derived trade secrets. Since alcohol has no required ingredient and process disclosures, the consumer rarely knows what they are consuming, and most are surprised to learn that there are 66 plus ingredients that can be added to alcoholic beverages, with zero disclosure labeling requirements or laws. BevVeg, as a law firm, is a solution to many of these legal deficiencies.

Lingua Franca submitted all trade secrets, processes, ingredients, suppliers, and facility information to BevVeg law group in order to gain use of the BevVeg vegan symbol. After a meticulous review of these disclosures, Lingua Franca passed for its Avni Pinot Noir, and now joins the ranks of other certified BevVeg vegan products across the globe.

“We keep the process honest by making products accountable to our defined vegan standard,” says Carissa Kranz, Esq., Founder & CEO of BevVeg International. “The BevVeg vegan symbol tells those who care about sustainability and social responsibility that any product that carries its vegan trademark has met the strictest standards of vegan compliance – Lingua Franca passed for this Pinot,” says Kranz.

Why Vegan Wines Taste Superior

Lingua Franca’s Winery covers more than 66 acres of land, and neighbors about 500 other wineries and vineyards in the Willamette Valley area. The premium soil and diverse climate is ideal for the production of grapes, making this one of the best places in the world to make wine.

It has been said that fine when is wine not necessarily fined, but rather wine more pure in form, as the true quality of a fine wine comes from the quality of the grapes. Winemakers who understand this, wish to not compromise the fine integrity of these royal grapes with unnecessary additives.

“Vegan wine makes for better wine, as that means less ingredients competing with the quality of the fine grapes, and these days, consumers are looking for a more pure product,” says Kranz.

You can expect to see the Lingua Franca Avni Pinot Noir dressed with the BevVeg vegan symbol on shelves and online.

BevVeg vegan certification has been in Forbes, CBS, NBC, PETA, Social Life Magazine, Veg World Magazine, Vegetarisimo, VegNews, VRG, LiveKindly Magazine, Metropolitan Magazine, California Wine Advisor, among others, and is used and endorsed by celebrity super model, Christie Brinkley.

For more information about BeVeg International vegan certification and its free consumer app, visit:

BeVeg Apple App download:  BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Google App download: BevVeg – Ultimate Vegan Wine, Beer, Spirit Guide

BeVeg Press Contact: ​[email protected] | (202) 996-7999.

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