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The independent, third-party validation confirms that products are Vegan, free from animal ingredients, 100% plant-based, and cruelty-free.

Global Merchants has successfully certified its facilities and products to the BeVeg Vegan certification standard, through independent third-party certification, confirming that it is Vegan, which means free from animal ingredients, 100% plant-based and cruelty-free.

Global Merchants, announced it had applied for independent third party Vegan certification – a significant advancement of its already industry-leading quality program. The companies’ certifications now include: ISO | GMP | HACCP | Organic | FSSC 22000 | Halal | Kosher, and BEVEG Vegan certification.

Global Merchants has a portfolio of products in 3 major categories, Botanical Extracts | Essential Oils | Organic Products, all of which rely on independent third-party verification as part of its commitment to product quality assurance. This additional and official BeVeg Vegan certification represents further proof of Global Merchants commitment to already high-quality ingredients as well as its longstanding desire to continually push industry boundaries.

To earn Vegan certification, Global Merchants had to complete a five-step process, verifying that the applied for Vegan claimed products do not contain any animal ingredients, by-products or GMOs used in the manufacturing and ingredient sourcing of the finished product; it comes from a manufacturing facility that has been audited to confirm proper controls are in place (including cross-contamination prevention); no animal testing was conducted; and the product is considered cruelty-free.

Global Merchants and related marketing materials can now bear the BeVeg trademark logo to show customers that it is officially Vegan.

“Our commitment to quality has driven us to invest in independent third-party certifications across the portfolio to build trust with our customer, Global Merchants Managing Partner Moiz Khorakiwala said. “Global Merchants is proud to make this investment to become BeVeg vegan certified.”

“With the BeVeg Vegan trademark on Global Merchants products, customers can rest assured that it is truly Vegan and has been backed by the credibility and integrity of a third-party organization,” says Carissa Kranz, esq., founder and CEO of BeVeg.

“We firmly believe this investment to upgrade our category-leading portfolio of third-party certified items is the right thing to do. “Not only does this investment positively differentiate Global Merchants from others in this space, but this upgrade brings additional value and peace of mind to our customers,” says Khorakiwala.

The official and only accredited Vegan certification trademark is a voluntary process recognized worldwide by those who are looking for products that are guaranteed to be free from ingredients of animal origin and not tested on animals. Present on the packaging of products sold in retail stores, the BeVeg Vegan trademark guarantees that the product has been checked by expert technical third-party auditors, according to a certification procedure which includes a documentary file review, an audit of the production area, mandatory updates of Standard Operating Procedures to contemplate Vegan quality assurance and some lab testing by an accredited laboratory.

Global Merchants Estd. In 2003 is a Globally Credible Manufacturer and Exporter for a wide range of Botanical Extracts, Essential Oils and Organic Products, ensuring delivery of such quality products to customers across the Globe. Global Merchants motto is Enriching Life with Ayurveda. Our overall business attitude is shaped by our overall value care. The team at Global Merchants understand that, in the long run, success in business can only be achieved, if a company takes adequate care of product quality, prices and the customers. Stringent quality assurance is the cornerstone of our company’s success, and we improve the manufacturing process with time to keep the quality, natural properties and effectiveness of our products intact. It has gained us a distinct identity among the Botanical Extracts Manufacturers and Exporters in India.

About BeVeg International

BeVeg International is the world’s leading Vegan certification company. BeVeg is ISO accredited and recognized by the world accreditation forum for its internationally accredited Vegan standard. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that develops and publishes international standards. BeVeg is accredited under ISO 17065 as a published Vegan standard for Vegan conformity assessment. BeVeg is a global Vegan trademark that brings legal credibility to Vegan claims, which inherently raises the standard of customer transparency, bringing integrity to a process that was once (before BeVeg) legally deficient.

The BeVeg Vegan certification program is available to manufacturers, brands, and retailers in the areas of food and beverage; personal care products; textiles and fashion; and dietary supplements. The Vegan certification is based on the BeVeg Vegan technical standard. BeVeg International holds ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation to offer the BeVeg Certification and is considered a global conformity assessment program recognized in accordance with ISO 17067.

Businesses can also bundle the BeVeg certification with other certification audits such as non-GMO, organic, gluten-free and kosher, among others.

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