UNCHAINED TV. What Is Vegan Protein Powder? Why Does It Matter?

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This article was originally posted on Unchained TV.

Did you know most protein powders are not regulated by the FDA, and ingredient disclosure laws can be misleading to the plant-based consumer as the word vegan and plant-based is loosely tossed around on labels? As “vegan” protein powders hit retail shelves at unprecedented rates, vegan certification demand is at an all time high.

A newly released report by Eticast estimates that vegan protein powders will be a $6952.1 million dollar industry by 2028. So how does one navigate the murky ingredients and misleading marketing? Vegan certification.

“Finding a suitable brand can be challenging,” says Geoff Palmer, founder of Clean Machine, a leading vegan certified protein powder. That’s why we chose BeVeg vegan certification, the global leader in vegan claim integrity for our products, says Palmer. “It is our commitment to offer the best in plant-based fitness nutrition, using only the best – verified vegan – ingredients that are comprehensively formulated to work with your body and produce the best results naturally.

Vegan labeling and certification is clean labeling. “Are you ready to Glo Vegan?” Asks another BeVeg certified vegan leading protein powder brand? As the plant-based consumer leans into a more sustainable lifestyle, one should only choose vegan claims; as vegan means free from animal materials, animal-gmos, animal testing, and manufacturing contamination. Glo Vegan is a complete plant-based protein powder made from water lentil called Lentein.

As many people look to protein powders to help them achieve optimal fitness health and wellbeing, it is important we look carefully into these unregulated and deregulated protein powders and ensure they are powered by nutrient rich plant protein instead of chemicals or animal products. It is no secret many Olympians and professional athletes adhere to a vegan lifestyle. The popular Netflix documentary the Game Changers is a game changer for those who think they need meat and dairy for muscle and bone health. The revolutionary documentary dispels all myths of meat and dairy being an essential nutrient source and shows living proof of plant powered strength through superstar vegan athletes, like Patrik Baboumian, “the world’s strongest man.”

As vegan athleticism, vegan products, and plant-powered living gain rapid momentum, so does the search for the best vegan products on the market. With that, there’s no excluding the vegan protein powder market, and the need to clear, honest, certified vegan label claim integrity. BeVeg is the global leader in vegan certification, as the only ISO accredited technical vegan standard and global trademark protection. BeVeg audits factories, and manufacturing processes in addition to supply chain ingredient checks before granting the BeVeg vegan certification license to products sold on retail shelves.

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