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Certifying Vegan Increases Sales

Vegan certification benefits: Of course there is the possibility for large companies to use their own vegan labels, but such a choice lacks the credibility and transparency the consumer seeks, and will seek as education around the topic and surrounding issues become more exposed and discussed. The fact of the matter is, consumer confidence in third-party vegan labeling entities is greater than self-proclaimed vegan product claims. Even with a defined vegan standard, people want to know the products they consume acted in the spirit of full transparency, have proven up their vegan claims, and are being held accountable to their vegan labeling on their vegan product packaging. With this in mind, the financial and marketing benefit of third party vegan certification with a widely recognized, known vegan certification symbol, that is globally trademarked, pays dividends in terms of sales.

According to Statista Research Department, the global market for ethically labeled packaged foods is estimated to be an almost trillion dollar industry. Vegan labeling is one of the most important factors affecting purchasing decisions, and therefore, for a nominal overall vegan certification fee, companies and products can multiply their sales by endorsing their commitment to consumer interests. A trusted vegan certification symbol on product packaging instills consumer confidence, which is a win-win, as that translates into increased sales for the company for that product. The marketing advantage and projected increased sales figures alone more than justifies the small certification fee.

Knowing this, when companies question the value of vegan certification and ask, “why should I get certified vegan, people already know we are vegan?”, the answer to this is and your reply should also be, “why wouldn’t you? There’s no downside to proving up your process and ingredients to a third party to hold suppliers and manufacturers accountable to their word, in order to gain the loyalty and trust of the interested consumer.”

Why BeVeg? Vegan Certification Benefits

We set the standard for verification to give the consumer the information and confidence needed to consume. Our BeVeg trademark logo, means our research reveals the product is aligned with our “Vegan Standard”.

Consumer​ ​Trust​ ​=​ Increased​ ​Sales

Give the consumer what they are demanding. Authenticity, truth, transparency, information and answers. BeVeg Vegan certification lets the consumer know which brands are Vegan friendly, which​ ​increases​ ​your​ ​sales.

Consumer​ ​Confidence​ ​=​ ​Increased​ ​Profits

Vegans/vegetarians want to be able to shop and drink with confidence. Our logo gives the consumer the peace of mind they need to buy and enjoy your product or beverage. The consumer does not want to search for information. The consumer is busy and wants to look at a label, see the information they need, and buy it off the shelf.

More than half of purchases are based on a Vegan label.

No longer do Vegan consumers have to waste time at the store reading small print or searching an app to find a vegan “safe” drink. Consumers want to see our logo and know it is safe to buy, drink, and enjoy. The Vegan movement is now mainstream, and consumers are actively seeking out Veg options. Take the guessing out of the buying, and the vegetarian consumer is more likely to grab your product off the shelf. By not targeting the vegetarian conscious folks, you are missing an entire demographics. You need the BeVeg logo certification to promote your ethical business practices to the vegetarian conscious consumer who wants to buy your product but does not because he or she is unsure if it is BeVeg safe. Too often, the vegetarian consumer spends needless time searching an app for a “safe” drink or product, and then just selects the first “safe” product they can find in order to save time. If your beverage, product, or service is certified vegan with the BeVeg vegan logo or BevVeg vegan symbol, the consumer will buy that product with confidence, as they know there is no need to further research the internet or an app for vegan verification. Once approved, there is an annual licensing fee to use the certification mark. Submit for a custom vegan certification quote and to learn more about the BeVeg Vegan certification benefits.

Vegan certification benefits: sales increase as market demographics multiply.

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