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To begin the vegan certification process, we ask a series of questions about ingredients, processes, animal testing, shared machinery, and chances for cross-contamination. Once we gather the initial documents, we send over certification fee quote. Once the quote is accepted and a deposit is paid, we engage in our cross-examination process to ensure all suppliers and source ingredients maintain the BeVeg vegan standard. We collect legal statements and affidavits certifying the vegan standard is complied with. Upon final receipt of all paperwork and signatures, we begin certification deliberations where products are reviewed and considered for BeVeg vegan certification.

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Once a company passes the initial BeVeg vegan certification paperwork process, they are sent over a summary of all the findings and a contract to sign. Then an audit is set up to examine the manufacturing process and risk of cross-contamination. After the full on-site audit, and technical lab analysis, there is a report of findings, a plan for ongoing compliance.

If approved for certification after the audit process, BeVeg International will license use of the BeVeg vegan certification trademark symbol and send over the final paperwork for signature. Among other things, BeVeg will issue a high definition version of the appropriate BeVeg vegan symbol, add the products to the appropriate BeVeg vegan directory, mail BeVeg certified window cling stickers to the appropriate company, do extensive social media posts, and issue a formal BeVeg vegan certificate and manifest for each company to have on file or put on their website.

We are happy to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) upon request.

Once the application process begins, auditors will review the paperwork, follow up as necessary, conduct due diligence research, gather the necessary third party disclosures and affidavits, and oversee the certification deliberations process. On-site audits, testing and analysis will be done by ISO 17065 auditors as required by the BeVeg certification standard, and any lab testing must be conducted at an ISO 17025 approved laboratory.

BeVeg vegan certification process. Credibility, uniformity, and transparency to worldwide vegan label claims.

Would you like to make your vegan claim official? Apply now to get your vegan product or service tested and analyzed. If you pass the BeVeg certification process, as outlined in the proprietary BeVeg certification standard, you too, can gain use of the only law-firm-issued vegan certification trademark in the world.

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The BeVeg vegan certification process and cost is evaluated based on whether you are a manufacturing facility, private label, co-packing facility, or brand owner. BeVeg, is passion driven, rather than profit driven. The mission is a uniform global vegan standard that’s credible, honest, and accountable for the consumer. There is an audit fee and a certification fee. Just like any food safety product safety certification, fees are annually assessed to ensure vegan quality assurance and compliance.

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