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The Most Recognized Vegan Trademark & Most Trusted Vegan Trademark

A Single Global Vegan Standard that Standardizes Vegan Claims Worldwide. A One World Standard for Vegan Claims that is Reliable, Accountable, Credible and Binding as Recognized by World Accreditation Forums. BeVeg is the most trusted Vegan trademark with consistent global application.

— Carissa Kranz, Esq. Founder & CEO

BeVeg is on a campaign to inspire the world to BE Veg! Our goal is to unite the world in a movement towards a kinder, more compassionate planet. The BeVeg vegan certification logo is represented in more than 6 continents. As the trusted vegan certification logo, BeVeg is excited about this joint mission to standardize a vegan definition to legitimize vegan claims worldwide. Use of the BeVeg trademark is licensed to companies and products around the world that meet the BeVeg Vegan certification standard and earn the right to use the most trusted Vegan trademark. Click to get a Vegan certification cost quote.

Vegan is not legally defined in any one jurisdiction in the world, and right now vegan claims lack credibility without certification. That’s why BeVeg, as a law firm, defined and set out vegan standards to follow. Lawyers by nature are regulators and BeVeg attorneys are working hard to set a global vegan standard, as evidenced by the BeVeg globally trademarked vegan symbols. As we approach this new frontier and enter the Age of the Vegan, certain legalities need to be defined, and as litigation emerges these issues will be defined, and redefined, many times among many different jurisdictions until one day there is a global ruling legally holding these definitions accountable. BeVeg is pioneering this frontier in tandem with other leading leaders.

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