Vegan Skin Clinic Certifies Vegan with Beveg International, the Gold Standard for Vegan Certification

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Vegan Skin Clinic vegan certified products.

You are what you eat, and we’re highly aware that what we do and even “what we think impacts our body””

— Mary S Swenson, PhD, Founder and CEO, Vegan Skin Clinic.

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / — Vegan Skin Clinic™ is creating a revolution that goes beyond just looking for organic or natural topical skincare products: looking good, feeling good and even “doing good” is all part of today’s beauty. Beauty and wellness go hand in hand and Vegan Skin Clinic™ focuses on the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of the whole person.

Vegan Skin Clinic is all about being beautifully vegan with BeVeg, and prides themselves as “vegan food for your skin”. Whether you’re looking to clean up your beauty routine, or are generally interested in the holistic benefits of the complete BeVeg vegan lifestyle, Vegan Skin Clinic has you covered with its 8 vegan certified products:

Spearmint Energizing Mask

Kukui Nut Volcanic Scrub

D.N.A. Apple Antioxidant Mask

Banana Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliant

Avocado Mango Mask

Sugar Apple Scrubbing Mask

Pomegrante Seed Mask

Resveratrol Pumpkin Gel Peel

Vegan Skink Clinic Founder, Mary, created a vegan skincare line that signifies a “brainier beauty”.

“We don’t just see beauty, we also feel, hear, smell and taste it…​Today we understand that “you are what you eat, and we’re highly aware that what we do and even “what we think impacts our body” — this is the importance of BeVeg vegan certification. We’ve verified with transparency our entire product line and processes to be sustainable, cruelty free and vegan. – Mary S Swenson, PhD, Founder and CEO, Vegan Skin Clinic.

This new awareness has created a rise in people who want healthier beauty choices. They require independent, clean, organic plant-based products for self-care. The Vegan Skin Clinic approach lays in organic beauty and revolves around natural skin care that acts in advance to prevent environmentally caused aging. Vegan Skin Clinic offers wellness skin care that nourishes your body and mind.

The global Vegan Cosmetics Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.96% from 2020 to 2023 according to 360 Market Updates in an article entitled Global Vegan Cosmetics Market report, and Vegan Skin Clinic, has now a full line of vegan accredited products to offer.

BeVeg is the world’s first and only ISO accredited vegan trademark recognized to be in accordance with ISO 17065 and ISO 17067. The BeVeg vegan standard and trademark is considered the most reliable benchmark for vegan integrity in the global marketplace.

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