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Vegan Vitamins & Supplements Certification

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Vegan certification means the research reveals: No animal ingredients or animal by-products used in the manufacturing process before packaging of the proposed vegan product, and confirms that the processing, clarification, filtration, and de-acidification before the bottling and final packaging of beverages is also vegan. This includes disclosures for all “incidental” and “insignificant” ingredients, including natural flavorings and natural colorings. Likewise, source ingredient manufacturers to listed parent ingredients are also investigated to ensure vegan integrity is maintained. For example, if sugar is used, proof that the manufacturer uses zero bone char (often disguised as “natural charcoal”) is required. Attorneys raise the legal standard by requiring disclosures of ingredients and processes not currently required by Truth in Labeling Laws, and further investigate into whether the product manufacturing to packaging is outsourced or sub-licensed to a shared facility that may compromise the vegan integrity or cause cross-contamination. No animal testing on the BeVeg/BevVeg certified vegan product.

The aim of the Food Safety Standards is to establish HACCP and food safety management systems, to ensure international recognition and standardization. Certification by Food Safety standards has been the basic requirement of many leading food retailers. BRCGS and IFS standards are important and worldwide accepted standards. These standards have become a commercial “ticket” in that to be a pre-requisite for being a supplier of many companies and including the desired food safety conditions.

BeVeg Vegan Certification offers our certification services related to food safety in the food and agriculture sectors, production and processing with our expert auditor team, lab testing and analysis, and institutional experience.

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Vegan trademark certification, vegan logo, certified vegan, v-label
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