World Largest Meat Giant JBS Sells BeVeg Vegan Certified Plant-Based Brand OZO In Stores Around The Country

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OZO Planterra BeVeg Certified Meat

Meet OZO – BeVeg Vegan Certified Plant-Based Meat by JBS

OZO Planterra BeVeg Certified MeatJBS owned Planterra Foods is officially selling “OZO”, a BeVeg certified vegan meat line, in grocery stores across the nation. Customers can find plant-based, vegan verified, products such as Italian Style Meatballs, Burger Patties, Ground, and Mexican Seasoned Ground.

All Ozo products are made from rice and pea protein, and are fermented by shiitake mushrooms. Peas are members of the legume family, and are considered a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. The average amount of protein in OZO products is about 20.25 grams per serving. All products are non-GMO, soy free, cholesterol free, and contain no artificial colors or flavors.

This Colorado team of innovators claims the shiitake mushroom fermentation process makes the plant protein more digestible than meat, and their taste testers claim they have mastered the taste and dares you to try it for yourself. “For us, it’s all about the people who want to eat something that’s full of flavor that’s good for you and the planet,” says company CEO Darcey Macken.

While the product is marketed to the flexitarian or those transitioning their food choices, there is no doubt a plant-based future is necessary for planet survival and sustainability. According to the Economist, vegan food is the food of the future, and going vegan for two-thirds of meals could cut food-related carbon emissions by 60%. The largest meat companies in the world recognize consumer demands for vegan meat alternatives have exploded, and are investing in sustainable food products that are environmentally friendly and better for us.

“This is a win for the vegan movement to see the largest meat producers in the world transition investments into the plant-based sector. It means they are part of the plant-based movement and not against it. So long as the meat giants are part of the movement and can share in the financial wins, they won’t resist it. While consumer demand will dictate the protein of choice, there is no doubt in my mind that plant-based protein will become the chosen choice as it becomes more easily accessible and acceptable among meat eaters,” says attorney Carissa Kranz, founder and CEO of BeVeg International vegan certification firm.

JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, is not the only meat giant to launch and invest in plant-based alternatives across the world. Tyson is investing in plant-based meats like New Wave vegan shrimp, and launched a plant-based protein meat brand called Raised and Rooted. Tyson sold its 6.52% stake in Beyond Meat after announcing its intention to compete in the plant-based protein space. Cargill launched a plant-based patty and ground products as part of their inclusive approach to the future of protein, and Smithfield Foods launched a plant-based portfolio under Pure Farmland Brand. Having the largest meat conglomerates in the plant-based space means plant-based meat alternatives will be more widely accessible, as common sense would have it, all these meat producers and suppliers already have grocery chain relationships to encourage immediate and wide scale distribution.

BeVeg International is a vegan certification firm managed by the Laws Offices of Carissa Kranz. The law firm has set out and defined a vegan standard to keep vegan claims accountable, honest, and credible. Vegan claims on products must be certified vegan according to a set out vegan standard to maintain integrity and credibility. BeVeg vegan certification is the only law-firm-issued vegan symbol in the world and continues to be mentioned as the GOLD STANDARD for vegan certification in well-known news outlets like Forbes, CBS, NBC, Social Life Magazine, LiveKindly, VegWorld News, and VegNews to name a few. In addition, the BeVeg vegan symbol is used by celebrity supermodel, Christie Brinkley, and vegan icon from What The Health documentary, Kip Anderson.

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BeVeg Global Vegan Certification

BeVeg is the only law-firm-issued vegan symbol with global trademark protection. Represented in more than 70 countries. Are you ready to be “officially vegan”? 100% of your certification fee will go to Jane Unchained News Network, a 501c3 non-profit for animals and the vegan lifestyle. Apply here.

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