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Carla Lewis

Carla Lewis

Head of Impartiality Committee

Carla Lewis is a lifetime vegetarian and has been vegan for over 37 years. She is an advocate of animal rights. Carla has spent her life researching the health benefits as well as the humaneness of living a life without harm to animals. In her spare time she offers her expertise to educate others on the benefits of veganism, as her mother and grandfather did before the concept was socially acceptable in modern society.

Carla chooses a vegan lifestyle for the health and ethical reasons equally. Ethical vegans choose the lifestyle for their soul, and receive the health benefits by default. Health vegans choose the lifestyle for their body, and feel enlightened by default. In the end, it’s really about the mind-body-soul connection. Therefore, it doesn’t matter why we choose vegan. It only matters that we choose vegan. The rest falls into place.

Carla is a former professional ballet dancer and Broadway theatrical performer. Aside from teaching dance in Palm Beach County, she also produces a Nutcracker ballet every December and a Story ballet every spring for the town of Jupiter.

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