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Interested in Vegan leather certification or other Vegan softlines and accessories? BeVeg certified Vegan textiles and clothing, shoes and footwear, handbags and accessories, jewelry, linens and towels, fabrics, furniture, and more.

When it comes to vegan softlines and accessories there are multiple manufacturers, suppliers and other actors along the supply chain that may compromise vegan integrity and kill consumer confidence. Thanks to our global vegan trademark, we are able to provide our certification services to you and your suppliers wherever you are based in the world.


BeVeg offers vegan certification services to the textiles and clothing sector for softlines and accessories.

BeVeg ensures vegan quality, vegan safety and vegan sustainability of your products. Thanks to our global network and vegan expertise, we can help you satisfy consumer demands for vegan fashion and sustainable fabrics. This is accomplished through audits, certification, inspection, testing, training, and reporting.


In general, consumer goods are subject to a multitude of legal regulations, standards and certifications as well as NGO (Non-governmental Organization) requirements going beyond even the legal scope. Our trained auditors have the expertise and technical resources to help you comply with international regulations, your technical specifications, NGO requirements, all without compromising vegan integrity. If you are a manufacturing plant, we will design a program of testing and chemical analysis to meet your requirements to further the vegan integrity in the supply chain. All services are available individually or as part of a tailor made package.


Manufacturers face many challenges during production. BeVeg provides manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of consumer goods solutions in all aspects of vegan quality assurance. BeVeg is the world’s leading vegan certification program. Our international network of laboratories and auditors can conduct a series of chemical, mechanical or physical property tests to ensure the vegan quality assurance level of your products, and get them to market as quickly and safely as possible, without cross-contamination.


When it comes to reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the production process – and meeting the expectations of your customers – inspection audits and material testing are necessary to ensure vegan compliance. For example, if an application is applying for Vegan leather certification, there will be third-party audits on the facility and products to ensure there is no chance of animal contamination or exploitation and that the BeVeg vegan labelled product is in fact, cruelty-free.

Our experts use technology and methodologies to test materials for clients across many industries, including home furnishings, textiles, fashion, clothing, cosmetics, makeup, personal care items, stationery and office supplies, and more. When it comes to testing and analysis, there must be a custom approach designed to accurately assess and test the material identified to accurately meet the testing needs demanded by the diverse products marketplace, which includes microscopic analysis to reduce any and all risk as early as possible.

Material testing and on-site audits ensure problems are identified early and fixed so that you do not have to deal with expensive reorganization and product recalls later.


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