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A trailblazer in Non-GMO Ingredient Screening

Get Ahead of the Trend: BeVeg Vegan Certification Screens for Non-GMO Ingredients BeVeg is the only vegan certification program with accredited standards to ensure no animal GMOs or bio-identical plant GMOs in the certified vegan product. BeVeg Vegan Certification and Project Verified Non-GMO are different, complimentary and necessary certifications for all plant-based products to achieve.”” […]
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BeVeg Vegan Certification For Retail Private Labels

BeVeg vegan certification for retail private labels Differentiated certification that delivers quality assurance internationally. More than a trademark: a standard that spans the supply chain & industry sectors. BeVeg vegan certified products protect retailers, brands, and consumer interests. It is a win-win!” — Carissa Kranz Esq., CEO of BeVeg International Vegan Certification PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, […]
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BeVeg Vegan Certification at Expo West

Unlock the power of global recognition and credibility for your Vegan products with BeVeg, the leading provider of globally accredited Vegan certification Calling all Vegan products attending Expo West in Anaheim, California. This is an opportunity to get certified vegan by BeVeg with NSF or Food Chain ID. No other Vegan trademark has animal allergen […]
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Why Multiple Product Certification Are Necessary For Consumer Transparency

BeVeg Vegan Certification perfectly Compliments NON-GMO & Organic Certification as a bundled audit cost & time saver offered by NSF and Food Chain ID While many product certifications have cross-over purpose, there is need for each specific certification, like BeVeg vegan certification. BeVeg Vegan Certification perfectly Compliments NON-GMO & Organic Certification as a bundled audit […]
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The Importance of Vegan Certification

BeVeg Vegan Certification proves product integrity Ensuring Ethical and Sustainable Practices: The Importance of Vegan Certification in the Growing Plant-Based Industry The BeVeg vegan certification standard fills the gap where existing international laws falls short in protecting the consumer, retailer, and brand interests.” — Carissa Kranz Esq., Founder and CEO of BeVeg PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, […]
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Vegan Certification and the Law

Vegan Certified Products and their impact on Vegan Population. What is Vegan Certified, and its impact on the population, as vegan label claims remain legally unregulated. BeVeg Vegan trademark ensures true vegan integrity. The BeVeg Vegan Certification Program is the only program in the world to offer consistent global application and meaning. There are no […]
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Vegan Products Recalled for Undeclared Animal Allergens

BeVeg, the only Vegan trademark with standards and allergen controls. Multiple companies recall vegan claimed products, due to the presence of undeclared animal allergens, as a result of sloppy vegan certification controls. A vegan trademark without audit standards does not protect the consumer, retailer, or brand. Rather, it is a marketing ploy for increased sales […]
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Vegan Certification by BeVeg on the Rise

The Indispensable need for Vegan Certification Increasing range of vegan products, have engulfed the market place with which raised a concern as to their veracity, and thus the need for vegan certification. There are no other Vegan trademarks backed by accredited standards. Anyone can rent use of a trademark. BeVeg is backed by standards and […]
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Global Sugar Supplier Alteo Milling Certifies Vegan with BeVeg

Global sugar supplier Alteo Milling certifies vegan with BeVeg Vegan Certification  Alteo Milling has successfully certified all its all Special Sugars, namely, raw cane Sugars (Special Raw & Demerara Sugars) and Soft Brown Sugars to BeVeg. Our pride lies in the satisfaction of our clients, we render our products accessible to all consumers over the […]
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