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Plant strength Performance Certifies Vegan

Chick’n Bites Beveg Certified The Future is Vegan We are committed to transparency of process and ingredients and are super excited to have the BeVeg vegan trademark on our products”” — Bobby Lynch, founder of Plant Strength Performance FLORIDA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2020 / — Chick’n Bites by Plant Strength Performance recently certified […]
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Verb Vitamins is Globally Certified Vegan by BeVeg

Verb Vitamins is Certified Vegan by BeVeg Most Recognized Vegan Logo – BeVeg Certified Vegan Verb Vitamins announces global BeVeg vegan certification for its flagship product “The Vegan Once Daily.” This is key, as vitamins are not regulated by the FDA. we wish to be forthcoming with our vegan label for our consumer. We know […]
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Dirt Food Certified Vegan with BeVeg International

Certified Vegan by BeVeg Superfood Chunky Granola Certified Vegan by BeVeg After an extensive review of ingredients and practices, patent-pending superfood company, Dirt Food passes the detailed BeVeg vegan certification process. We are excited for our next round of packaging to have the trusted BeVeg global vegan certification trademark. We want the consumer to trust that there’s nothing […]
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Vegan Cheese Company Gains Popularity with New BeVeg Vegan Certification

Wendy’s Nutty Cheese Vegan Certified by BeVeg Wendy’s Nutty Cheese Certified Vegan by BeVeg Wendy’s Nutty Cheese, a line of homemade gourmet vegan cheeses announces it’s official vegan certification status with BeVeg, the leading vegan logo. There’s absolutely zero sacrifices in texture and flavor in my BeVeg vegan certified cheeses,” — Wendy NEW YORK, PHOENICIA, […]
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Supermodel Christie Brinkley & Super Entrepreneur Carissa Kranz Point to the BevVeg Vegan Certification Trademark on Vegan Wine. BevVeg Vegan Alcohol Guide. Download the FREE App. Search for your Next Vegan Alcohol Beverage. Make Sure your Drink is Not Filtered Through Any Animal Parts. Supermodel Christie Brinkley & Super Lawyer Carissa Kranz Point to […]
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Oceano Award-winning Pinot Noir Certified Vegan by BevVeg Oceano premium “wine of the year” Chardonnay BeVeg Vegan Certified Supermodel Christie Brinkley & Super Lawyer Carissa Kranz Point to the BevVeg Vegan Certification Trademark on Vegan Wine. Download the Free BevVeg Consumer App. Search to Make Sure your Beverage is Not Filtered Through any Animal Parts. […]
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First Vegan Certification Standard in the World Gains Global Accreditation

BeVeg International — Global Leader in Vegan Certification with Internationally Recognized Global Trademark BeVeg – First Vegan Standard in the World to be Globally Accredited by ISO ISO/IEC 17065:2012 World Accreditation Forum for Certification. NAC is the Accreditation Body for BeVeg International It’s official! BeVeg International is the global leader in vegan certification as the […]
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Unreal Deli’s Recently Certified Vegan Corned Beef Sandwich Now Available at Veggie Grill Locations Nationwide

“Every ingredient is proudly pronounceable, unprocessed and made with love,” says Mrs. Jenny Goldfarb, Unreal Deli Founder Unreal Deli BeVeg Certified Shark Tank sensation Unreal Deli Certifies Vegan Shark Tank sensation — Unreal Deli — announces — BeVeg Certified Vegan — corned beef sandwiches are now available at Veggie Grill locations nationwide. Unreal Deli now […]
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Animals Used by the Fashion Industry BeVeg provides manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of consumer gods solutions in all aspects of vegan quality assurance. When it comes to fashion there are multiple manufacturers and suppliers that may compromise vegan integrity. To ensure vegan quality assurance, BeVeg certifies! Our international network of laboratories and auditors can conduct […]
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