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Dr. Brian Organic Garden Certifies Vegan with BeVeg

BeVeg certifies Dr. Brian Organic Folic Acid 400 as vegan. Dr. Brian Organic Garden Folic Acid 400 certifies Vegan with BeVeg in accordance to the strictest of standards. BeVeg conducts global third party vegan audits. BeVeg Vegan trademark on Dr.Brian Organic Garden Folic Acid 400, assures consumers that the product is truly Vegan and has […]
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BeVeg Wins Vegan Certification Body of the Year Award

BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark Beveg wins global vegan certification body of the year Prestige Awards recognises businesses that have proven to be the best in their market. This year, BeVeg took the trophy for “Certification Body of the year.” BeVeg was selected as the winner for Certification Body of the Year as […]
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NSF and T&C Launch Vegan Certification with BeVeg in Korea

BeVeg launches vegan certification in partnership with NSF and T&C in South Korea. BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark BeVeg provides an opportunity for Korean food and cosmetic brands, companies and manufacturing facilities to learn how to gain a competitive edge in sales. If you are getting certifications for the right reasons, BeVeg is […]
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Vegan Certified Products at CHFA NOW (BEVEG)

BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark BeVeg defines what it means to be a truly Vegan product at CHFA NOW, Toronto, which is Canada’s largest trade show for natural, organic, and wellness products. BeVeg protects the mainstream consumer by ensuring label transparency and consumer confidence…the BeVeg global Vegan trademark is the benchmark claim for […]
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Vegan Certification Offered at Plant Based World Expo (BEVEG)

BeVeg, the international Vegan certification, standard, and trademark will appear at Plant Based World Expo 2022. BeVeg is defining what it means to be a truly Vegan product at Plant Based World Expo, North America’s only 100% plant-based event. NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The BeVeg Vegan Certification team […]
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Billion Dollar Brows Earns BeVeg Certification

Billion Dollar Brows certifies vegan with BeVeg vegan trademark Billion Dollar Beauty has successfully certified Raising Brows™ Pen to the BeVeg Vegan standard to independently certify the products are truly Vegan. With the BeVeg Vegan trademark on Raising Brows™ Pen, consumers can rest assured that the product is truly Vegan and has been backed by […]
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Vegan and Plant Based Are Not the Same

BeVeg is the world’s first and only accredited Vegan symbol and Vegan certification program. Vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, gluten free, Vegan, plant based….are some of the many ways of labeling oneself based on dietary and lifestyle choices. [T]he product label claim for the plant based consumer is Vegan certified….That’s why plant based products coupled with a […]
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Unity Vibration Kombucha Earns BeVeg Vegan Certification

Unity Kombucha was the 1st kombucha company to release a hard kombucha nationally in 2011 and currently sells their award-winning kombucha products in 22 states and growing. Unity Vibration Kombucha has successfully certified all kombucha products to the BeVeg, the world’s only accredited and audited Vegan certification program. We at Unity Vibration are proud to […]
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Global Merchants Vegan cerrtified by BeVeg. Independent, third-party validation from BeVeg confirms that products are Vegan, free from animal ingredients, 100% plant-based, and cruelty-free. Our commitment to quality has driven us to invest in independent third-party Vegan certification across our portfolio to build trust with our customers.” — Global Merchants Managing Partner Moiz Khorakiwala INDIA, July […]
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