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The Indispensabe need for Vegan Certification

The Indispensable need for Vegan Certification

Increasing range of vegan products, have engulfed the market place with which raised a concern as to their veracity, and thus the need for vegan certification.

There are no other Vegan trademarks backed by accredited standards. Anyone can rent use of a trademark. BeVeg is backed by standards and has globally defined a singular standard”

— Carissa Kranz Esq., BeVeg Founder & CEO

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2022 / — Vegan products are increasing in range and market demand, raising concerns as to their veracity. Accordingly, this begs for a legitimate vegan certification backed by published and accredited standards, like BeVeg.

In general, Generally , Vegan means the product does not contain animal products or animal by-products, also such products have not been tested, processed or manufactured using animal products. The problem is, there are no laws governing vegan claims and holding such marketing ploys accountable. The most credible vegan claim one can make is one that is certified and accredited. Products carrying the BeVeg Vegan trademark make it easier for consumers to distinguish real vegan products from a myriad of other “vegan” labelled products that cannot be trusted as those products lack proper vegan verification with consistent and systematic auditing standards.

A Vegan certification is necessary to inspire confidence and trust in retailers, brands, and in the minds of interested consumers. Since consumer protection laws are in place to protect the rights of the consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, consumers have a legal right to know exactly what they are consuming with full transparency, even though the laws do not yet pen “vegan” requirements into label laws. A true Vegan certification, like BeVeg, offers consumers the opportunity to choose products in line with their dietary choices, and allows companies to demonstrate that raw materials, production processes, and finished products adhere to the standards for vegan food production – that is, that they did not come into contact with any animal substances in the manufacturing process, and have no animal exploitation. A BeVeg vegan certification guides the vegan consumers towards the purity and transparency of vegan products with legitimacy, and a BeVeg vegan certified product reviews all ingredients, processes, animal testing, shared machinery, and chances of cross-contamination in the manufacturing process of all final certified vegan products.

Only the final certified Vegan BeVeg product has the right to license the official Vegan trademark from BeVeg. BeVeg certified vegan individual products within a company. That means a company does not have to be fully vegan to carry some BeVeg certified vegan products. However, only the products that meet the vegan certification process standards are allowed to use the vegan trademark. The BeVeg vegan trademark is globally recognized, and internationally accepted as the only ISO accredited vegan trademark offering and standard. This is helpful for brands looking to certify vegan for the right reasons and access new capital markets without having to change their packaging.

“The BeVeg Vegan Certification Program is the only program in the world to offer consistent global application and meaning. There are no other Vegan trademarks backed by accredited standards. Anyone can rent use of a trademark. BeVeg is backed by standards and has globally defined a singular standard.” Carissa Kranz, Esq., BeVeg founder & CEO.

BeVeg provides the retailer and interested consumer trust, transparency, and reliability. As plant-based consumer purchasing habits increase to more than 79 million households, according to Spins, so has the demand for Vegan certified products, as “vegan” attributes are what the plant-based consumer, flexitarian, and animal allergen sufferer are looking for. BeVeg delivers an actual standard, managed by a law firm, witt technical input from food and product safety experts from the National Sanitation Foundation “NSF” and Food Chain ID.

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