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BeVeg Vegan Certification proves product integrity

BeVeg Vegan Certification proves product integrity

Ensuring Ethical and Sustainable Practices: The Importance of Vegan Certification in the Growing Plant-Based Industry

The BeVeg vegan certification standard fills the gap where existing international laws falls short in protecting the consumer, retailer, and brand interests.”

— Carissa Kranz Esq., Founder and CEO of BeVeg

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2023 / — As “vegan” products flood the marketplace, consumers are more skeptical about product integrity, resulting in a consumer confidence crisis. As the global marketplace calls for a consistent audit based vegan certification program that verifies a product does not have any animal-derived components in the final product, or in the manufacturing process, and has not tested on animals, BeVeg fills the gap as the world’s only third-party accredited certification standard owner to ensure consistent, global application of vegan label claims.

“The BeVeg Vegan Certification Program acts as a symbol of assurance and trust for consumers who are dedicated to purchasing animal-free products. BeVeg Vegan certification makes it convenient to sell and market to mainstream consumers with integrity,” said Carissa Kranz Esquire, the founder and CEO of BeVeg.

BeVeg Vegan certification for products is important for several reasons:

—Clarity and label transparency: Vegan certifications provide clear and concise information about the ingredients and production processes used in a product, ensuring that consumers can make informed choices about the food they eat.

—Verification of vegan status: A vegan certification verifies that a product meets specific criteria for being free from animal-derived ingredients and has not been tested on animals. This helps vegans, animal allergen-sufferers, and others who follow a plant-based diet to easily identify vegan-friendly options.

—Increased consumer trust: Vegan certifications help build consumer trust by providing assurance that products are made according to strict ethical and production standards.

—Support for the vegan movement: By choosing products with vegan certifications, consumers can support the vegan movement and help encourage more companies to adopt vegan-friendly practices with integrity.

—Overall, vegan certifications serves as a tool for promoting veganism, increasing consumer confidence in plant-based products, and encouraging companies to adopt ethical and sustainable practices.

BeVeg vegan label certification confirms a product does not contain any animal or derived products, and did not exploit animals. The certification serves as a hallmark for products that are made without animal-based ingredients and have not been tested on animals. Only companies that adhere to the standards of the vegan trademark are authorized to use it on the product or related marketing materials. BeVeg vegan certification can be applied to a variety of products and is globally recognized, making it easier to export the same products from one country to another with consistency and integrity.

BeVeg offers peace of mind to vegan consumers by ensuring that products do not have any animal-derived components. The certification from BeVeg provides transparency, trust, and credibility to vegan claims for consumers who are searching for vegan products for a variety of mainstream reasons.

Plant-based consumer households have now surpassed 79 million according to Spins. Accordingly, there is a large demand for vegan certified products for the benefit of the mainstream consumer. Consumers who follow a vegan, flexitarian, or have animal-based allergies seek vegan products that truly align with their lifestyle, allergies, and/or belief system. BeVeg provides a credible and reliable vegan certification standard, which is managed by a law firm, food safety specialists, and vegan advocates, striving to ensure all mainstream interests are protected and in compliance with consumer protection laws.

The reputable and well-known vegan certification built by BeVeg builds trust and confidence among consumers and establishes a strong, influential presence in the marketplace, by ensuring authenticity of vegan labelled products. In short, “the BeVeg vegan certification standard fills the gap where existing international laws falls short in protecting the consumer, retailer, and brand interests, at this time,” says Attorney Kranz.

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