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COVID-19 Crisis Fix

Make Veganism Go Viral with BeVeg

Carissa Kranz on Jane Unchained News Network

In the wake of the Coronavirus, let the world know you support the closure of live meat markets and slaughterhouses. COVID-19 began in a live meat market, aka a slaughterhouse. If we lived in a plant-based society, this global catastrophe would not be happening! You can help make that transformation! Instead of deadly viruses, let’s make veganism go viral! BeVeg founder Carissa Kranz speaks! 

Join the BeVeg campaign to “make veganism go viral.” Be proud of your socially conscious business practices, and show off your official vegan BeVeg badge of approval.

The deadly coronavirus, that is now plaguing humankind, has been traced back to a live meat market!  So have other deadly global pandemics like SARS. It is believed Ebola is connected to the consumption of bushmeat, the meat of wild animals. E-coli and salmonella are connected to the presence of feces in the food system. A Consumer Reports study found that 100% of the hundreds of pounds of ground beef they examined contained fecal matter. The exploitation of animals for meat has resulted in other contagions deadly to humans: mad cow disease, swine flu (pigs), avian flu (birds), Spanish flu (farm animals), HIV (primates), etc. There is a clear link between animal exploitation for meat and outbreaks deadly to humans.  

Each and every one of these viruses went viral. When combined, these global pandemics have infected hundreds of millions of people. The current pandemic, COVID-19, is highly contagious and is spreading at unprecedented rates. Our world leaders have put the human race on lockdown, closed businesses, cancelled flights, issued stay at home orders, and closed national borders… all with the hopes of containing the virus. Yet, the world is still in chaos. With no apparent vaccine, no end in sight, and a death toll that climbs daily, people are panicking, stockpiling supplies and food, as they hunker down while the virus wreaks havoc on our health and global economies. 

It is a time for all of us to pause and reconsider what we are doing to ourselves and to this planet. It is time to ask, why has nearly everything been shut down except the very culprit of these viral pandemics: slaughterhouses?

A vaccine may end the pandemic, but only veganism is the panacea. There are an untold number of other viruses out there which could erupt into the next pandemic and be even deadlier. Let’s confront the truth: had there been no meat market slaughtering animals in Wuhan, China, we would not be dealing with this right now. That’s the truth. It’s time we faced it. And, this is not a problem unique to China. Most Americans are not aware that there are thousands of live meat markets in the U.S. And, industrialized slaughterhouses are also filled with blood, guts, feces, veins, eyeballs and other body parts. That’s what slaughterhouses do: butcher!

In our efforts to create a safe, nonviolent, plant-based world, it is important to define terms. Vegan is a term that means containing no animal parts or by-products and produced without contact with any animal parts or by-products. The time is now for plant-based companies to be loud and proud of their veganism. They can do that by globally certifying that they are vegan with BeVeg, the world’s top vegan certification company. Those certified companies can then show off the global trademark! By the way, 100% of your certification will go to Jane Unchained News Network to support the crucial work of getting this message out! BeVeg is on a mission to globally and legally standardize vegan claims. The time for half measures is over. The time to shut down slaughterhouses the world over is now. Let’s evolve… if only for our own survival. Let’s make veganism go viral. 

This article originally appeared on Jane Unchained News Network. You can read the original article by clicking here.

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